Teach business modeling and planning together in 1 semester. Why Both?

Find the perfect mix for your course.

From courses that just introduce business modeling to capstone level planning exercises.

Canvas + Planning

Tools you need for success in your classroom.


Define the business model.


Build upon the business model.

Profit & Loss

Enable quick financial validation.


Student teams are fully supported.

50+ Universities are already using LaunchPlan.

Perfect for a variety of entrepreneurship and management courses.

Sidnee Peck
Entrepreneurship &
Value Creation

Arizona State University
Mark Long
New Venture Planning
Indiana University
Doug Tatum
New Venture Creation
Florida State University
Ken Jones
Entrepreneurship Center
University of Houston

After working with universities around the world for over 5 years, we've listened to feedback and partnered with our customers to build this set of tools for your classroom.

Enhance learning in your classroom for less than $100 per student.