Unlock the Potential in your Classroom

Tools that work. Easy to teach, easy to learn.

Virtual Canvas

Collaborate with classmates in real-time on your canvas, from anywhere!

Virtual Canvas Linked to a Plan

Not just a poster on the wall anymore! Take your business model further and begin planning!

Financial Assumptions Linked to your Canvas

Estimate the opportunity. Explore different financial scenarios quickly with our linked financial tools!

Integrated Syllabus

Comes with a full planning textbook – complete with financial guidance.

100% Collaborative

Students can work collaboratively throughout each assignment and section.

Painless Financials

Evaluating financial scenarios is quicker and easier.
LaunchPlan provides instructors with helpful tools and resources to make your course run smoother, too:

Integrated Syllabus

Get a sample syllabus that you can customize to get started faster and easier.

Realtime Feedback & Grading

Save time and provide your feedback and grades to students automatically.

Customize Your Plan

You have full control over the depth and sections in the plan.