Why Business Modeling and Planning?

We love the Business Model Canvas, the Business Model Generation book, and Lean Launchpad as business modeling resources and frameworks. We also love learning and the classroom (that is, after all, where LaunchPlan was born). Our goal is to elevate the learning in entrepreneurial and management courses beyond business modeling ‐ and past MVPs and canvases alone.

LaunchPlan links the Business Model and PlanTo be clear: LaunchPlan doesn’t replace the excellent business modeling resources mentioned above ‐ we extend them. Here’s why:

  • Traditional business plans are dead but planning is still very much alive and necessary.
  • Not every classroom exercise turns into a real world startup. Learning in the classroom is priority #1.
  • The classroom should demonstrate the connections from modeling to planning. Planning is where funding and executional detail are paramount. (Maybe you can raise funding with a model alone?)
  • Financial validation should be quick and easy – and done often.

That’s why LaunchPlan has combined a canvas that is linked to a plan from the very first moment you use it. In fact, in LaunchPlan you can’t add a new item to your canvas from anywhere but inside a section of your plan.

This required link from canvas to plan centralizes the plan as a source of research (or detail) that support each element of the canvas. And you, as the instructor, have complete control over how simple or in depth your plan is.

LaunchPlan’s business modeling, planning, and financial tools are all closely related but can be independently configured to match the depth of your curriculum.

An Entry level course might utilize:

  • Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas
  • Lightweight 5 part plan (Summary, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance)
  • Simplified Profit and Loss statement

A more comprehensive or capstone level course would use:

  • Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas
  • Very comprehensive business plan that addresses every operational and marketing detail a business would address over time
  • Full set of pro forma financials: the Profit and Loss, the Balance Sheet, and the Cash Flow statement

If your class falls somewhere in between (or tackles a comprehensive approach over multiple courses) we can help you configure these tools to fit your needs.

Embrace the power of business modeling tools together with the learning from planning activities in your classroom with LaunchPlan.