A few weeks back I had the privilege of presenting LaunchPlan in front of students and professors at the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at The University of Houston – I was extremely impressed with their program!  Not only is the Wolff Center ranked the #1 undergraduate entrepreneurship university in the country by The Princeton Review, it is evident they breed hardworking and successful entrepreneurs.  The Wolff Center students and professors are using LaunchPlan on an ongoing basis, semester by semester, to create business plans for new or existing businesses.  Each student and team is linked up with a personal mentor who is an expert in the particular industry.

After speaking to the Wolff Center students, they handed me the book in the picture and each and every one of the students signed it to thank me for my time and showing them the ins and outs of LaunchPlan’s software.  I am rarely given a gift during my birthday, let alone a gift after a business trip – I just thought it was fantastic!  From the “must wear” Wolff Center  blazer with a Wolff Center emblem on it, to the multiple top tier professors and abundant amount of resources at the students’ figure tips – The University of Houston – Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship is truly a top class educational program.  Thanks for hosting me for a couple days and good luck on your business plans this semester!

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